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If you don't have enough coins to start Masternode, you can join Shared Masternode with Zeon MNcenter. You can participate and take as much seats as you want in Shared Masternode on mncenter.zeonhexalgo.fun. Based on number of your Seats in Shared Masternode, you will be able to have a share in a Masternode reward of the masternode coin you participated in.

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What are we offering?

Don't have enough for an MN?

You can have Seats in more than one coin's Masternode.

Weekly Payout

Masternode reward will be paid out weekly every Sunday.


The fee is 1-10% of the Masternode reward. There are no other costs.

Cold Wallet Masternodes

We prefer Cold Wallet Setup, if a wallet supports it.

Transaction History

History of all deposits, rewards, and withdrawal transactions is created.

Referral system

Earn commission from referred user's rewards.

How does it work?

  • create

    Studies have shown that many people today are using the same or slightly modified passwords for many different sites. For us, security is a top priority. That is why we do not store the password of your account. Actually, your password is not known to us and your account is safe.

    We use a username and password for log in. In this way, you can make totally unique login credentials only for our website.

    Registering to the site can be done only from a verified Email address.

  • deposits

    Please check the list of Masternodes we are supporting. Go to the Balance page and click on Deposit action. Your unique address will be generated and you can send coins to it. You can always use it for that coin. It will not be changed in the future. You can follow deposit transaction confirmations on the Deposit history page. After a deposit transaction is confirmed, your balance will be updated. Then you can add coins to the Queue for Masternode. A Seat size is defined for each coin. Each Seat defines a minimum amount of coins that can participate in one Masternode. When the Queue has enough coins for Masternode collateral transaction, Masternode will be created. Queues work on the FIFO (First In First Out) method.

  • payment

    After the Masternode reward transaction is confirmed, it will be distributed automatically to all Masternode seat owners Every Week(Sunday).

    The rewards are distributed to Seat owners on a percentage basis. If someone participates in one Masternode with 100 coins and the Collateral transaction requires 1000 coins, then Seat owner is participating with 10%. Thus, the reward will be 10% of the total Masternode reward.

    Our fee will be charged to each seat owner. If someone is receiving 10% of the Masternode reward, our fee will be 1-10%.

    Example: the fee is 5% percentage for one coin, the seat owner is receiving 2 coins, our fee will be 0.1 of the coin.

    Our fee system is highly configurable, and can differ on the coin, Masternode, or user level. A fee range can be 1-10%

  • withdrawals

    If coins are not sold for Masternode, they can be withdrawn. but you must wait until there will be a replacing amount.

    If coins are locked in Masternode, please contact administrator via email .

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, some questions need to be answered!

Anything we can't answer here can be answered within our Discord Group!


  • What are your fees?

    There are no recurring fees. The amount of Seats is determined for each Coin after each Masternodes costs calculation.

  • What are Masternodes?
  • What is a Shared Masternode?
  • What is Proof of Stake (PoS)?
  • What is Proof of Work (PoW)?